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Mark Lake

from Pristina, Kosovo

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SERVANT Leadership Program

The center focuses on personal and professional development and is constantly evolving to expand its role in strengthening students with a desire to grow as servant leaders. Students age 18-25 who attend university in Kosovo are the primary individuals educated through the programs of the Qiriazi Center.

​The Leadership Club aims to help students develop strong servant leadership traits through a combination of training events (seminars, workshops, and lectures) and application (community service projects). Students have the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with like-minded peers and participate in content-rich extracurricular activities.


Leadership training & development programs

Our Mission

Our Vision

Improving the world one leader at a time

The vision of the Qiriazi Center is to be a dynamic center through which young Kosovars become qualified and influential members within their immediate and broad spheres of interaction and ultimately impact their communities as servant leaders with integrity and compassion.

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Jan Sears

from Georgia, USA

Kaylee Davis

from Georgia, USA

The Summer Leadership Program is an essential part of the work and credibility that the Qiriazi Center has built over the years. Many students who have participated in the program are now involved in improving their communities as a result of learning about and being challenged to become today's servant leaders.

The week-long program is hosted "retreat style" in the Rugova Mountains that surround Peja, Kosova. Volunteers from the USA and other parts of the world help to staff the program as experienced lecturers and small-group trainers. Training topics include: Vision and Mission Planning; Listening and Communication Skills; Essential Servant Leader Character Traits; Developing a Spirit of Excellence; Conflict Resolution; Understanding Personality Types; Management and Strategic Planning.

The Qiriazi Center is a leadership training organization launched to raise up servant leaders for Kosovo. The center works to shape marketplace, academic, and social leaders.